Palisade Fencing with Angle Pale or Corrugated Pale

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Palisade Fencing 

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Palisade Fencing with Angle Pale or Corrugated Pale  

Palisade fencing also called devils fork fencing can be divided into general palisade fencing and security palisade fencing according to the different specifications. General palisade fencing is shorter than security palisade fencing, which has angle type and corrugated type; but security palisade fencing has only corrugated type. With high strength, sharp prongs and narrow pale spacing, the steel palisade fencing can achieve high level of security to prevent intruders. It’s widely used for church fencing, residence fencing, factory fencing, road fencing and so on. For higher security level, palisade fence may be used with razor concertina wire coil on topping. ..


  • High strength and damage resistance.
  • Good security, sharp prongs threaten intruders.
  • Various colors for perfect aesthetic effect.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material  : Low carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment  : Galvanized, powder coated.
  • Common color  : White, black, green, yellow, blue.
  • Fence panel length (post center)  : 2.75 m.
  • Maximum pale spacing  : 155 mm for corrugated pales; 135 mm for angle pales.
  • Fence gate  :  Single leaf gate or double leaves gate.
  • Accessories  : Fish plates, post clamps, post bracket, bolts and nuts.
  Dimensions of General Palisade Fence and Security Palisade Fence
ItemFence Height Above Ground
PostsHorizontal Rails (Rolled Steel Angle Section)
Rolled Steel Joist Section
Embedded Length
Corrugated Sheet Thickness
GPF-011.5102 × 4452540 × 40 × 440 × 40 × 5see table 2general palisade fencing
GPF-021.8102 × 4452540 × 40 × 440 × 40 × 5
GPF-032.1102 × 4462545 × 45 × 440 × 40 × 5
GPF-042.4102 × 4472545 × 45 × 440 × 40 × 5
SPF-013.0127 × 7692550 × 50 × 6see table 2security palisade fencing
SPF-023.6127 × 76112575 × 50 × 6
 Thickness of Palisade Fencing Pale
ItemPale ProfileTypeThickness (mm)
PFP-01corrugated “W” sectiongeneral palisade fencing2.5
security palisade fencing3.0
PFP-02corrugated “D” sectiongeneral palisade fencing3.0
security palisade fencing3.9

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Low carbon steel, stainless steel.

Surface treatment

Galvanized, powder coated.


White, black, green, yellow, blue.


Fishplates ,post clamps, post bracket ,bolts and nuts.


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