Expanded Metal Wire Mesh

Expanded wire mesh
  Expanded wire mesh is one type of metal screen. Its material can be galvanized plate, iron plate,stainless steel plate and aluminum plate,etc. It can be used in building, petroleum industry as the filters.Galvanized expanded metal can be used as the filters for the air and grease. About the powdered coated expanded metal, its surface can be coated by green color, white color, black color and sky blue. 
    Stainless steel plate, Aluminum plate, Copper plate, Iron Plate, Galvanized plate and Al-Mg alloy, etc.
    Types of hole:Diamond, scale hole, hexagon, fancy, tortoise shell, etc.





Strand width:0.5-10mm 
SWM:Center from node to node of the length of the short diagonal. 
LWM:Center from node to node of the length of the long diagonal. 
SWD:The length of the short diagonal of the hole. 
LWD:The length of the long diagonal of the hole.
Strand:Make a silk stem length of the metal plate used. 
Bond:Two-node connections.
Surface treatment:
PVC coated, Galvanized, Epoxy resin, un-galvanized oxidation, anti-rush paint etc.
Give You a Better Understanding of Expanded Metal 
What expanded metal will be used for?
  • For protection, it with high strength used as fences, railings, guards and grills, covers.
  • For partition, used at homes, in offices and outdoors and in doors of various structures to make good use of space.
  • For decoration, used as stair and walkway railings at homes, facades, etc.
  • For screening and filtering, with accurate sizes used as screens in oil industry, sand & gravel plants and as filters in gas vent of vehicle or drilling for oil.
  • For ventilation and heat dissipation, with larger openings used as flooring in places high requirement on ventilation and heat dissipation, such as equipment rooms.

Why select expanded metal to replace other type metals?

  • Sound structure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-slip surface
  • Fully customized
  • Economical
  • Aesthetic appeal

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does it really not rust in the ultra-wet climate? 
    Expanded metal is a finish product with varieties of anti-corrosion surface treatment, so it has a good corrosion resistance. You can tell us what environment you use it in, and we can better help you.
  2. What sizes and colors of expanded metal are available? 
    Both sizes and colors can be customized as your requirements, so you can tell us where you will in details, we will recommend the most suitable specs for you.
  3. Is it strong enough as stairs? 
    Expanded metal is manufactured by slitting and stretching the metal sheet with different shaped holes in one step, which makes its structure sound and have higher strength than other type metal. You can rest assured to use it.

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