Pig Tail Post

Packaging Details: Water Proof Paper, Wooden Case And Pallet
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Electric fencing is widely used in farms, loafing areas and residences for cattle, sheep or other animal rearing. Electric fencing post is an important parts among the entire electric fencing system. The electric fencing post can holding the electric lines and secure the animals in the area without hurting them. Here are two types of electric fencing post, just refer to them and choose the perfect one.

Pigtail post




Pigtail post, as its name says, the shape is similar to the pig tail. It is a lightweight temporary fencing, which is quick and easy to install.
The pigtail post is made of spring steel, which has high tensile strength to withstand the high impact from animals or external forces. The top of pigtail post is covered with various colors of plastic insulation for added visibility. Additional, only the plastic insulation can be used in the electric fencing safely.

The loop at the top of pigtail post can support all wires, including poly wire, poly tape and rope electric fences.
This lightweight post is ideal for temporary and electric fence enclosures or permanent line wire grazing applications in a variety of heights.





Structure of pigtail post

  • Galvanized or spring steel pigtail post. High tensile strength and corrosion resistance for durable life.
  • Plastic insulated loop. Insulated loop at the top of post for simple and quick wire insertion and safely in electric fence..
  • Foot steps. Welded foot step holds the post securely onto the ground. The foot steps can be metal plate or steel wire rod.
  • Sharp bottom ends. Make the installation of pigtail post fast and easy.




Specifications of pigtail post

  • Material: spring steel post and plastic insulated top.
  • Surface treatment: electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
  • Length: 0.96 m – 1.5 m.
  • Steel spike diameter: 6.0 mm – 8.0 mm.
  • Color: white, green, black, orange, yellow or other colors you want.






Features of pigtail post

  • Stability and longevity.
  • High tensile strength to withstand the high impact from animals or external force.
  • UV stabilized plastic supplies effective insulation.
  • Various plastic colors can supply maximum visibility.
  • Step design makes the installation easy and fast.
  • Portable design to be used for temporary or permanent applications.
  • Suitable for using in the large animal fencing, for example cows, horses.

Installation of pigtail post

  • In the soft ground.
    Place post at desired locations.
    Step on the welded staples to push the pigtail post into the ground.
    Adjust the pigtail post into your required height.
  • In the hard or dry ground.
    Drill several pilot holes in the ground for convenient placing of pigtail post.
    Place the pigtail post into the holes.
    Fill the hole with soil.
    Tamping the ground at the post base for stability and solidness.
  • Note:
    Use a level to ensure the post is plumb.
    Be careful that don’t disturb the post alignment during tamping.

Applications of pigtail post
The pigtail post, equipped with various colors of plastic insulation, is widely used in farming for strip grazing and electric fencing. Pigtail post is widely used in the soil, grass or other soft ground occasions, such as:

♦ School ovals.     ♦ Sporting fields.        ♦ Landscaping area.         ♦ Farms.           ♦ Other places need to be cordoned off.

PP electric fencing post

A white color PP electric fencing post is holding an electric line.    
     PP electric fencing post is widely used for holding electric lines.


Molded in reinforced PP, UV stabilized
Total height 42.5” (108 cm, 97 cm from ground), 48″ (122 cm, 97 cm from ground) H profile for rigidity 8 rope clips and 1 tape clip (for height 42.5”), 8 clips for rope or tape (for height 48”) Steel spike at bottom for easy used.

Specifications of PP electric fencing post

  • Material: high quality polypropylene,UV stabilized
  • Spike material: 82B spring steel.
  • Spike diameter: 8 mm.
  • Post length: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and so on.
  • Color: white, green, black, orange and other colors based on RAL colors.
  • Step type: single step or double steps.

Features of PP electric fencing post

  • Outstanding UV resistance performance.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Hooking parts for easy and convenient fastening wires or electric fencing.
  • Single or double steps for easy installing and fixing of PP electric fencing post.
  • Various colors for warning and suiting for the surrounding environments.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Electric insulation.
A blue color PP electric fencing post with sharp bottom ends.  
 PP electric fencing post has various colors for choice.                                        Sharp bottom ends is convenient for installing into ground.

Package of PP electric fencing post

All of the PP electric fencing post are perfect packed to ensure the good condition during long time transportation.
The commonly package is carton, pallet and plastic film.

  • 50 pieces fence posts per carton.
  • 100 pieces fence posts per carton.

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